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Tips & Tricks

  • You can drag and drop SPARQL files into the editor.
  • Tired of autocompletion? Turn it of by pressing Ctrl + Space.

Using Visualizations

Thor has several built in visualizations in addition to the default table view. They can all be used by specifying specific variables described below.

Image Grid

The image grid requires only one variable. ?thumbnail should be an image URL invalid image URLs within this variable will be ignored. Note that if you are running Thor over HTTPS images will need to be served over HTTPS as well. The image grid will only render the first 100 images.

Pie Chart

The pie chart requires two variables. ?count should be a numeric value. ?label should be a literal.

Force Directed Graph

The Force Directed Graph requires two or more variables. The first item in a row of outputs will have arrows pointing to items in the same row. Node labes can be set by creating a variable with Label appended to the end of it. E.g. for a variable ?a, assign a variable ?aLabel. To add labels to the edges in the graph, use the variable edgeLabel.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Ctrl or Cmd + Enter Execute query
Ctrl or Cmd + [ Indent current/selected line(s) less
Ctrl or Cmd + ] Indent current/selected line(s) more
Ctrl or Cmd + Shift + F Auto-format/indent selected lines
Ctrl or Cmd + / Comment or uncomment current/selected line(s)
Ctrl or Cmd + D Delete current/selected line(s)


This SPARQL Editor is Open Source and you can report issues as well as contributing code through Github. You can also contribute to the Query Library by improving or adding new queries through the Query Library repository.

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